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Together We Maintain
Our Independence

ViaCare is a community-based and physician-focused IPA, specifically formed with the intent to unify local independent physicians and support their evolving needs.

  • We understand the intricate balance of providing high quality healthcare to your patients while managing the business side of an independent practice.
  • We are dedicated to being a trusted conduit that unites community providers to help support and advocate for our practices with insurance payers.


We are a network of culturally diverse health care providers. We share your culture and speak your language because we are who we serve.

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Our mission is simple:

  • Provide support for independent physicians
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Reduce financial burdens
  • Give physicians more time to focus on patient care
  • Keep our communities healthy

Join ViaCare in shaping
the future of healthcare.

Our Team

Yehuda Zicherman

Yehuda Zicherman

Founder and CEO

Yehuda Zicherman is the founder and CEO of ViaCare IPA. He has been in the healthcare field since he started his first healthcare company, Centena Health Group, in Rockland County, NY.

Building Centena Health into a successful consulting business alongside physicians and industry leaders inspired him to work on addressing the patient experience aspect of the field by becoming the current executive director of First MedCare, a multi-specialty clinic in the heart of Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Yehuda has seen first-hand how affordable and accessible healthcare can transform families and communities. He says no one should be without quality healthcare because of their zip code or income level.

Dr. Robert Krinsky

Dr. Robert Krinsky

Clinical Director

Dr. Robert Krinsky is the clinical director of ViaCare IPA and First MedCare Inc. He is a highly accomplished physician specializing in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Dr. Krinsky’s medical career is deeply rooted in Brooklyn pride. He completed his undergrad at Brooklyn College, MD, from SUNY Downstate Medical School, served the Borough Park community as a resident at Maimonides Medical Center, and is now in his 20th year working at First MedCare.

Dr. Krinsky firmly believes in the power of medicine to improve lives and has dedicated himself to positively impacting the lives of those he serves.

Emily Lewton

Emily Lewton

Account Executive

Emily Lewton is the account executive at ViaCare IPA. She is responsible for generating and maintaining relationships with our members and working with leadership to provide our providers with the best possible benefits.

Emily started her healthcare career 8 years ago, working in healthcare consulting on a data analytics team, but she always knew that working with people was her strength.

Emily is happiest when walking around Brooklyn with a full day of appointments to meet with our members.

No one should be without quality healthcare because of their zip code and income level.

Yehuda Zicherman

Founder and CEO

ViaCare is affiliated with First MedCare, a multispecialty practice in Brooklyn, NY, and Centena Health Group in Rockland County, NY.